Fertilization And Weed Control

Is your lawn looking thin? With proper weed control and fertilization, we can help your lawn come alive. We offer 4 and 6 round lawn application schedules. Each service is tailored to meet the needs of your lawn and to provide you with the results that you desire.

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Our fertilization techniques use top of the line products which yield fantastic results. Proper amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are vital. We like to relate them to Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Lets not forget about our vitamins. Proper micro-nutrients and minerals are also needed for healthy turf and soil.

The winter salt can leave your soil and turf with a lasting impact here in Lafayette, Indiana. With the proper application of soil conditioners we can alleviate this problem and allow your lawn to recover and look beautiful.

Our weed control is aimed to target the weeds in your lawn at proper times that will yield maximum results. We strive to treat each customer and their lawn as an individual circumstance and not as a number.

Our standard first round lawn application is a crabgrass pre-emergent coupled with a well balanced slow release fertilizer to give your lawn a long lasting dark green color through Spring.

Our standard second round application is what we refer as our "golden treatment" that is applied around the same time that you'll see dandelions in your daily routine. This broadleaf weed control is enhanced with a proprietary blend of fertilizers that we have custom selected specifically for our Indiana lawns grown in clay soil. This mix yields fantastic results.

Our standard third round treatment is a custom blend of fertilizer mixed with multiple micronutrients. these micronutrients will give help feed your lawn through summer while giving a much longer lasting color than some traditional foliar/ sprayed on fertilizers. We will also be offering our grub control treatment at this time.

During in between times when weed control and fertilization are unable to be applied due to the summer time heat and lack of rain, fungus and grub control may be applied. Lawn fungus, pest damage, and lawn disease can be prevented.

Application four of our program is set to give your lawn the viral nutrients that it requires to recover from any summer stress and allow for it to begin storing nutrients for the long winter ahead.

Application five is a broad spectrum weed control. Applying weed control in the fall yields optimal results that will leave your lawn with fewer or no spring weeds.

Application six is the the final application which delivers a premium amount of slow release fertilizer that will keep your lawn strong all winter long and allow it to become more full and lush in the following spring.

While this is our standard protocol we are always able to expand and modify our lawn care program to fit and accommodate new customers year round.

We are also offering an all organic fertilizer, if you'd like more details about our organic line up of fertilizers please give us a call.

We like to share our passion for lawn care with our customers to help them achieve the desired goal for their lawn. With a few minor changes in your routine lawn care schedule you too can have a green, lush, and weed- free lawn. We try to encourage and educate our customers on the importance of proper cultivation practices such as maintaining sharp mower blades, proper mowing height, and irrigation schedule. These steps go a long way when it comes to having healthy turf grass. Call today and schedule your estimate for weed control and fertilization!

Don’t forget to ask about our soil tune-up offers. A proper PH balance is vital having a healthy lawn and landscape.

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