If you have a hardscape, walkway, or patio design idea, Anderson & Wright Landscaping can make your idea come to life. Hardscapes include patios pavers, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, walkways, fountains, and anything else that might complement your outdoor living space. Our team can handle every step of the process; from planning and design to installation. We can also compliment your hardscape design with our landscape services. (flowers, trees, shrubs, etc...).


There are a wide range of surface finishes available, from smooth to heavily textured. There are also many colors, shapes, and laying patterns available that can compliment the specific architectural style of you home.

Initial Cost and Installation

The price of brick pavers is almost the same as concrete. Brick pavers are tightly fitted, uniform units that are placed over a gravel bed and compacted to form a base. The final product is a beautiful new area that is immediately ready for use.


Pavers are virtually maintenance free. Like solid concrete they can be hosed off or even lightly pressure washed.


The ornate beauty of brick pavers adds value and visual appeal to any property! The pattern possibilities that we provide are virtual unlimited.


Pavers can be removed and replaced with ease. This allows access to existing utilities or the placement of new ones.

Safety Features

Certain color combinations can provide our customers the ability to designate or highlight safety areas such steps or changes in elevation. Furthermore, the use of light colors, together with a strong surface texture improves the overall safety of your walkway at night. Not to mention the fact that pavers have a non-skid surface even when wet.

No Surface Cracking

Pavers are a segmental paving system which allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks, unlike that of the monolithic concrete surfaces and stamped concrete

Our hardscape designs are one of a kind brought to you with the most up to date products available in the Landscape and Hardscape market. Schedule your estimate today.

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